Touching your five senses


For us, the hotel is not merely offering accommodation for tourists. As its name implies, The Memory - Danang wants you to have more never-to-be-forgotten memories about our country which is rich in history with many distinctive cultural features.


When it comes to Danang, many people will think about sunlight and wind. We reappear this characteristic in an open green space, with many layers of void and the natural wind from the sea blowing, this freshness sometimes makes you do not want to use air condition. The Memory - Danang is the place where honors the diligence and craftsmanship in every detail of artisans from traditional villages. You can get to see old-fashioned, hand-made tiles, or touch your hands to feel cool, cold-walled stone walls. Somewhere in the hotel, everyday fishermen's activities are still taking place.


“Bathing and sleeping" are two things that we focus on in your room. Bathing at The Memory is no longer a normal bath, let the terrazzo walls grind the visitors’ body, stroking it with handmade soap pieces or wash your hair with soap-berry which is imbued with national identity. You will feel more refreshed, then immerse the Danang typical tourism activities with The Memory.


Unwinding with our signature cocktails and chatting over the drinks with your buddies at The Memory Bar, nothing can be more chilling than that. It is an ideal place to enjoy various choices of drinks and cocktails which are made with original, creative and harmonious recipes formulated by our professional bartenders. 


"One of the important things in The Memory is your sleeping.


"Just as the hotel name - The Memory, we would like to create memorable trips for you by daily activities in The Memory.


“No better way to learn about a place than from locals”