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Xưa khi mình còn làm ở bar, đêm nào cũng 2 giờ sáng mới về.


Lúc đó đường phố vắng tanh, chỉ có cây cột đèn làm bạn. Hầu như, ai cũng nói về mặt trời, mang lại nhiều niềm tươi mới từ sáng sớm. Mấy ai nghĩ về nó, cây cột đèn vẫn đêm đêm soi sáng, vẫn âm thầm làm việc khi con người đã ngủ. Cột đèn làm dịch vụ bởi vậy nó luôn cúi đầu. Nó là thầm lặng, nó là ký ức.


Điều này đã thôi thúc mình tạo ra The Memory Hotel, nơi mà bạn được chăm sóc chu đáo và trải nghiệm những điều đặc biệt trên hành trình du lịch của mình.



Mr. Thang Nguyen


The Memory reappears the glorious period when the hotel became a symbol of Indochina peninsula. 


We are inspired by the outstanding handicraft villages such as Hoa Hai - grind stone village, Kim Bong - wood village, Non Nuoc - marble village, Thanh Ha - pottery village, Tho Quang - fishing village  that orient The Memory with the reflection of Vietnamese traditional culture, at the same time, we honors the diligence and craftsmanship in every detail of artisans.

By reconstituting this characteristic in an open green space, with many layers of void and the natural wind from the sea blowing.


The Memory let guests connect to nature by getting to see old-fashioned, hand-made tiles, or touch their hands to feel cold-walled stone walls that get them more than satisfied, then immerse the Danang typical tourism activities.


Vietnamese food is known as one of the healthiest cuisines all over the world which encompasses a wide range of food for breakfast. With The Memory, you can easily find the balance between the herbs and the meats of any local dishes. Pho, Quang Noodles, Chicken Noodles, Fishball Noodles are served daily. Besides, we also provide you with fried eggs with bread, jam varieties, hams, sausages, fresh juices, tea and coffee based on fresh ingredients. Let's have a great start of your day!

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We offer local & exotic tours specially designed by The Memory Team, with mission of giving you the unique experience when exploring the real local of Vietnam.

Going along with our local guide to the market, making yourselves Vietnamese dishes. basket boating along the river and contemplating peaceful coconut trees. All avaiable at The Memory.

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