The road to Ban Co peak is narrow, winding and winding, with many steep ramps to challenge the good drivers. Those roads give visitors a greener look – a fascinating world that everyone wants to experience once in their life. Renting a motorbike and conquering the top of Ban Co in the very early morning would be an unforgettable experience of your Da Nang trip simply because driving motorbike allows you to see so many incredible sceneries on the way and the freedom of having your own transportation makes a huge difference to your entire experience.




According to the legend, two deities were sitting and playing chess on Son Tra Peninsula for several days, but they were still inconclusive. Then one day, one of them lost the game because being distracted by fairies flew down the beach to take a shower. Out of control, he kicked the chessboard into the sea and came back to heaven. Therefore, local people set up the statue of the deity who sat alone in front of the chess board. The mountain peak’s name has also come from the legend.





First, keep going on the seaside road from Da Nang city to Intercontinental Sun Peninsula resort, before you start riding uphill to Ban Co Peak. This road is quite plain and easy, about 18km and you might want to drop by Linh Ung pagoda and South beach of Son Tra as well as many other beautiful stops for photographing.



On the way back, you should not miss a trip to the Giant Banyan Tree with dozens of roots spanning down to the ground and follow some green trails which offer an opportunity for monkeys watching. Son Tra mountain also is known as Monkey Mountain as there are many monkeys. Another unique feature of the Son Tra Nature reserve is the existence of the red-shanked doucs, a species of Old World monkey, among the most colorful of all primates. If you are lucky enough, you will meet this special langur in Son Tra.